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Title: Anti-tourism attacks in Spain: who is behind them and what do they want?
Author: McLaughlin, Karl
Series/Date: The Conversation 09.08.17
Source Origin: Professional/public/political organisation
Source Type: Blog/Journal/Series
Notes: During the main season for tourists in Spain in 2017 anti-tourism activists targetted Barcelona, Majorca, Valencia and San Sebastián with protests – some of them involving violence. The goal seemed to be to rail against the negative impact of mass tourism on local life and living standards.

The article analyses the situation and wider significance.
Source URL: https://theconversation.com/anti-tourism-attacks-in-spain-who-is-behind-them-and-what-do-they-want-82097
Homepage URL: http://theconversation.com/
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Keywords: Spain - Tourist policy / Tourism - Sustainable tourism - Environmental pressures - Impact / Impacts of tourism - Mass tourism - International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development
Subjects:  14.7 - Tourism
Geographic Indicators:  Spain: External
 Spain: Internal
 Spain: Regions
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