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Title: Transparency of Commissioners’ travel expenses 'disproportionate' says European Commission
Author: Access Info Europe
Publisher: Access Info Europe, 2017
Series/Date: Article 27.07.17
Source Origin: Professional/public/political organisation
Source Type: Blog/Journal/Series
Notes: In July 2017 Access Info described as extremely regrettable that six months after 120 European citizens requested access to the 2016 travel expenses of the 28 EU Commissioners, the European Commission had taken a unilateral decision to disclose data just for January and February 2016, and that it would not contemplate any greater transparency.
Source URL: https://www.access-info.org/article/29250
Homepage URL: http://www.access-info.org/
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Keywords: European Union - Openness and transparency - European Commission - European Commissioners - Expenses
Subjects:  2.3.c - Openness and transparency
 2.6.b - European Commission: President and Commissioners
Geographic Indicators:  European Union
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