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Title: What is Europe doing for its citizens?
Author: European Parliament: European Parliamentary Research Service
Series/Date: At a Glance July 2017-
Source Origin: EU
Source Type: Background, Blog/Journal/Series
Notes: A series of briefings which outline the impact of specific EU policies and initiatives on EU citizens. They include:

+ Energy efficiency and reducing consumption
+ Europe leading the way in global climate action
+ New laws needed for robots
+ Driving safely in Europe
+ Europe’s emergency telephone number: 112
+ Roam like at home as of summer 2017
+ Remember, you have the right to be forgotten
+ Rights for consumers of digital content
+ Le soutien de l’UE aux pays en développement
+ Electoral rights of EU citizens
+ What is the EU doing about regulating banks?
+ Passenger rights in the EU
+ Studying abroad with Erasmus+
+ Workers’ rights in the EU
+ Structural funds – Investing in people
Source URL: https://epthinktank.eu/tag/what-is-europe-doing-for-its-citizens/
Homepage URL: http://libraryeuroparl.wordpress.com/
Keywords: Citizenship in the European Union - EU Citizens - Impact of EU policies
Subjects:  1.1 - EU - Bibliographic works
 3.1 - A People's Europe / Citizen's Europe
Geographic Indicators:  European Union
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