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Title: EUISS Yearbook of European Security 2017
Author: Bund, Jakob
(et al.)
Publisher: European Union Institute for Security Studies, 2017
Source Origin: EU
Source Type: Report
ISBN: 978-92-9198-619-4
ISSN: 2314-9426
EC Number: QN-AJ-17-001-EN-N
Notes: The EUISS Yearbook of European Security (YES) is the Institute’s annual publication compiling key documents and data related to the EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP). This 2017 edition offers a comprehensive picture of the actors, institutions and processes that underpinned the Union’s foreign and security policy and external action in 2016.

In addition to updated data on instruments and policies covered in the previous editions, YES 2017 provides new information on, inter alia, the EU Security and Defence Package 2016, defence cooperation and industry, as well as forces and deployments.

Factsheets, maps, graphs and charts provide added clarity on some of the key issues facing the European Union and its external action today.

YES is an indispensable publication that aims to inform experts, academics, practitioners and, more generally, all those wishing to know more about the EU and security-related matters through the showcasing of crucial facts and figures.
Source URL: http://publications.europa.eu/s/c845
Homepage URL: http://www.iss.europa.eu/
Keywords: European Union Institute for Security Studies - EUISS - European security policy - Common Foreign and Security Policy - CFSP - Common Security and Defence Policy - CSDP - European Security and Defence Policy - ESDP - Core documents
Subjects:  18.3 - Security and defence
 18.2 - Common Foreign and Security Policy
Geographic Indicators:  European Union
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