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Title: Media coverage of elections: the legal framework in Europe
Author: Cappello, Maja
Publisher: European Audiovisual Observatory, 2017
Series/Date: IRIS Special No.1, 2017
Source Origin: International organisation
Source Type: Blog/Journal/Series
ISBN: 978-92-871-8487-0
Price: €7
Notes: In times of elections and referenda, the media zoom in on the candidates, analysing their every word, move and minute gesture. In today’s 24/7 digital universe, the mass media have an unprecedented power to pick apart, comment and scrutinise our future leaders as never before. But who is making sure that coverage is equitable, professional, and complying with some minimum standards of 'decent' journalism? Who makes these rules?

Following France’s elections and just before Germany goes to the polls the European Audiovisual Observatory, part of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, released in September 2017 a new in-depth report: 'Media coverage of elections: the legal framework in Europe'.

Produced in collaboration with Amsterdam’s Institute of Information Law (IViR), the report offers a roadmap to overarching European media law in times of coverage of elections, before zooming in on individual countries as case-studies. A final chapter extracts the trends from these individual examples in order to offer some pertinent conclusions.
Source URL: www.obs.coe.int/documents/205595/8714633/IRIS+Special+2017-1+Media+coverage+of+elections+-+the+legal+framework+in+Europe.pdf/
Homepage URL: http://www.obs.coe.int/
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Keywords: Elections in Europe - Media regulation
Subjects:  3.3.b - Political parties and Elections
 17.9 - Audiovisual policy
Geographic Indicators:  Europe
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