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Title: The 8% leap in the Philippines: rebalancing partnerships and leading Asian growth
Author: Barcelona, Ricardo G.
Villegas Bernardo M.
Publisher: Elcano Royal Institute / Fundación Real Instituto Elcano, 2017
Series/Date: Analyses of the Elcano Royal Institute (ARI) No.65,2017 (06.06.17)
Source Origin: Think Tank, Professional/public/political organisation
Source Type: Blog/Journal/Series
Notes: The Philippines continues to confound its critics. Prognoses of ‘political crises’ sinking the economy have become unfulfilled expectations. European diplomacy’s concern with alleged extra-judicial killings risks condemning EU firms to losing out on US$160 billion in infrastructure opportunities in 2016-22. But European firms could reverse this by committing to partnerships with Philippine firms. EU economic diplomacy could become more supportive by working with firms to promote their advanced technology, know-how and expertise.
Source URL: www.realinstitutoelcano.org/wps/portal/rielcano_en/contenido?WCM_GLOBAL_CONTEXT=/elcano/elcano_in/zonas_in/ari64-2017-barcelona-villegas-leap-philippines-rebalancing-partnerships-leading-asia-growth
Homepage URL: http://www.realinstitutoelcano.org/
Keywords: Philippines Philippines - President Rodrigo Duterte - Economic situation - Relations between the European Union and the Philippines
Subjects:  18.15.d - South-East Asia
 18.15 - Asia - Pacific
Geographic Indicators:  European Union
The Elcano Royal Institute is a think-tank for international and strategic studies that analyses world events and trends from a Spanish, European and global perspective.

The Analyses of the Elcano Royal Institute (ARI)are short pieces - of around 3,000 words - on aspects of current international affairs considered to be of relevance to Spain, its foreign policy or its security. In broad terms ARIs are intended to have a predictive bearing on events.
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