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Title: President Juncker announces new Code of Conduct for Commissioners
Author: [European Commission: DG Communication]
Series/Date: Press Release IP/17/3167 (13.09.17)
Source Origin: EU
Source Type: News
Notes: The President of the European Commission announced on 13 September 2017, during his State of the Union address, a new Code of Conduct for Commissioners.

In a statement issued on the 13 September 2017 the European Ombudsman, Emily O'Reilly, welcomed the College of Commissioners’ decision to strengthen the ethics and transparency rules governing Commissioners’ activities, while in office and after they leave.
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Keywords: State of the Union Address - SOU 2017 - SOTEU / #SOTEU - Code of Conduct for Commissioners - Revolving door policy | Revolving doors - Lobbying - Ethics | Ethical issues - Openness and transparency - Ethics in the EU Institutions - Staff Regulations
Subjects:  2.3.c - Openness and transparency
 2.6.b - European Commission: President and Commissioners
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Background and further information:

The announcement goes beyond a previous proosal from November 2016 extending the 'cooling-off' period from 18 months to two years for former Commissioners and to three years for the President of the European Commission. The announced Code of Conduct set clearer rules, higher ethical standards and greater transparency in a number of areas. It also created an Independent Ethical Committee to replace the ad hoc Ethical Committee, reinforcing its status to strengthen scrutiny and to provide advice on ethical standards. This proposal also allowed Commissioners to be candidates to European Parliament elections without having to take a leave of absence.

The proposed Code of Conduct, subject to consultations with the European Parliament, was scheduled to enter into force on 1 February 2018. The Commission aimed to publish annual reports on the application of the code.

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