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Title: [ Italy: Autonomy Referendums, 22 October 2017 ]: Venetian autonomy referendum, 2017 / Lombard autonomy referendum, 2017
Publisher: Wikipedia, 2017-
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Notes: Separate non-binding referendums on the issue of more autonomy from Italy were held in the prosperous Italian regions of Veneto and Lombardia on the 22 October 2017.

Italian regions are allowed to negotiate with the national government for greater autonomous powers. Adjoining region Emilia-Romagna instigated this process on the 18 October 2017. Commentators suggested that the referendums were more of a political gesture by their Lega Nord leaders.

The results of the two referendums showed a big majority voting in favour of greater autonomy for their regions.

98% of ballots in Veneto were 'yes' votes. Turnout was 57%, 7% over the 50 percent threshold that the region had set for the result to be valid.

In Lombardy, the 'yes' votes won 95% of votes on a turnout of around 39%. There was no minimum turnout required.
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Keywords: Italy: Autonomy Referendums, 22 October 2017 - Venice | Venetia | Veneto - Lombardy - Political situation - Devolution - Independence - North v South - Northern League | Lega Nord - Liga Veneta - Lega Lombarda - Padania - Decentralisation
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A self-organised 'referendum' calling for the independence of Venice was held in March 2014.

While in the past the Lega Nord (Northern League) had called for independence for Northern regions (sometimes in a area called Padania), in 2017 the separate referendums focused on greater autonomy for the regions, but within a united and federal Italy,

The referendums held in October 2017 in Veneto and Lombardia were seen as part of calls from various regions across Europe for more autonomy.
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