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Title: The cybridisation of EU defence
Author: Fiott, Daniel
Publisher: European Union Institute for Security Studies, 2017
Series/Date: Issue Alert No.24, September 2017
Source Origin: EU
Source Type: Blog/Journal/Series
ISBN: 978-92-9198-531-9
ISSN: 2315-1129
Notes: This Alert explains the importance of the defence dimensions of Europe's cyber security efforts. In addition to exercises and training, the Union is now increasingly in a position to financially invest in cyber defence.

While the issue of cyber security is pervasive, cyber defence is not. Not only are documents such as the EU Global Strategy replete with references to the challenges emanating from cyber, but EU member states and institutions are taking important steps (such as greater investment in cyber capabilities and the establishment of dedicated national authorities) to ensure Europe’s cyber security. Yet less attention has been paid to the specific defence dimensions of the EU’s cyber security efforts.

Although this is perhaps to be expected, cyber defence cannot be overlooked, not least because it has treaty implications related to EU solidarity (Article 222 TFEU) and mutual defence (Article 42.7 TEU) in case of an attack aimed at EU member states.
Source URL: https://publications.europa.eu/s/dTTk
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Keywords: Cyber security | Cybersecurity - Cyber defence
Subjects:  18.3 - Security and defence
Geographic Indicators:  European Union
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