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Title: Return of History or Anti-liberal Revolution
Author: Góralczyk, Bogdan
Publisher: University of Warsaw: Centre for Europe, 2016
Series/Date: Yearbook of Polish European Studies Vol.16, 2016
Source Origin: Professional/public/political organisation
Source Type: Textbook/Monograph/Reference
ISSN: 1428-1503
Price: €30
Source URL: http://www.ce.uw.edu.pl/en/pliki/pw/Goralczyk%20YPES%202016.pdf
Homepage URL: http://www.ce.uw.edu.pl/
Subjects:  2.1.c - European Union: Current issues and challenges
Geographic Indicators:  European Union
The Yearbook of Polish European Studies is a peer-reviewed English language annual on European Integration published by the Centre for Europe, University of Warsaw.

The Yearbook is devoted to the interdisciplinary study of European integration in the fields of political science, economics, law, history, sociology and other social sciences, especially by authors presenting research results on the Central and Eastern European dimension of European integration. Nonetheless it is open to all types of comparative work and research agendas in European Studies and is aimed at promoting appraisals of current and emerging concepts, policies and practices, in the context of the interdisciplinary academic character of the publishing institution.

The Yearbook includes mainstream articles dealing with major issues as well as short texts on current developments, including commentaries, case notes, short analyses and book reviews.
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