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Title: How academics and service providers are working together to inform drug policy in Ireland
Author: Duffin, Tony
Publisher: LSE European Institute, 2018
Series/Date: EuroppBlog 30.01.18
Source Origin: Professional/public/political organisation
Source Type: Blog/Journal/Series
Notes: Since 2015, the LSE’s International Drug Policy Unit has been working with local partners the Ana Liffey Drug Project to help foster a new era of progressive drug policies in Ireland. Tony Duffin outlines the scale of Ireland’s drug problem and how the project aims to help inform drug policy in the country from a solid evidence base.
Source URL: http://blogs.lse.ac.uk/europpblog/2018/01/31/how-academics-and-service-providers-are-working-together-to-inform-drug-policy-in-ireland/
Homepage URL: http://blogs.lse.ac.uk/europpblog/
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Keywords: Ireland: Drugs / Drug policy - National Drug Strategy
Subjects:  9.9.b - Drugs
Geographic Indicators:  Ireland: Internal
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