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Title: Adoption of assistance package for Palestinians in East Jerusalem and the building of a Palestinian State
Author: [European Commission: DG Communication]
Series/Date: Press Release IP/18/368 (31.01.18)
Source Origin: EU
Source Type: News
Notes: The European Commission adopted on 31 January 2018 an assistance package of €42.5 million for the benefit of Palestinians, including substantial support in East Jerusalem.
Source URL: http://europa.eu/rapid/press-release_IP-18-368_en.htm
Keywords: Relations between Palestine | Palestinian Authority and the European Union (EU) - European Neighbourhood Instrument | ENI
Subjects:  18.14.c - Mashreq countries
Geographic Indicators:  European Union
Further information:

The funding aims at projects able to increase the resilience of locals and support the Palestinian presence in the city, through targeted measures benefiting young people and the private sector.

The package includes €14.9 million for activities in East Jerusalem to preserve the Palestinian character of the city and counter the deterioration of socio-economic indicators, together with €27.6 million to support the building of a democratic and accountable Palestinian State.

This package is financed by the European Commission with the European Neighbourhood Instrument (ENI) which is one of the main sources of support from the European Union to the Palestinians.

Background information:

EU support to the Palestinians covers a wide range of areas, including humanitarian assistance, capacity building, democratic governance and socio-economic development. In 2017, it amounted to nearly €359 million from all financing sources.

The annual ENI budget in support of the Palestinians is framed by the 'European Joint Strategy in Support of Palestine 2017-2020' agreed by the EU Institutions, 22 EU Member States, Norway and Switzerland.

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