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Title: Kosovo's path to independence
Author: Rohan, Albert
Publisher: European Council on Foreign Relations, 2018
Series/Date: Commentary 02.02.18
Source Origin: Professional/public/political organisation, Think Tank
Source Type: News, Blog/Journal/Series
Notes: In this commentary feature the author argued that Kosovo’s independence had become an irreversible fact by 2018, even if Serbia, Russia, and some other countries persisted in their denial of reality.
Source URL: http://www.ecfr.eu/article/commentary_kosovos_path_to_independence
Homepage URL: http://ecfr.eu/
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Keywords: Kosovo: Declaration of independence, 17 February 2008 - Relations between Kosovo and Serbia - Kosovo-Metohija - International law - Territorial integrity of states - Right to self-determination - UNOSEK - Contact Group - Comprehensive Proposal for the Kosovo Status Settlement | Ahtisaari Plan - EU-facilitated dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina - International Civilian Office | ICO
Geographic Indicators:  Kosovo: External
 Kosovo: Internal
 Serbia: External
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 Serbia: Regions (includes Kosovo)
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