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Title: Why Ukraine should become a Balkan country
Author: Fehlinger, Gunther
Umland, Andreas
Publisher: European Council on Foreign Relations, 2018
Series/Date: Commentary 29.01.18
Source Origin: Professional/public/political organisation, Think Tank
Source Type: News, Blog/Journal/Series
Notes: Ukrainian politicians, diplomats, journalists and intellectuals should start paying more attention to how the countries of South-Eastern Europe (SEE) were preparing for their entry into the European Union. Kyiv can accelerate its own European integration by entering a number of SEE cooperation formats specifically designed to prepare the Western Balkan states for their future EU membership.
Source URL: http://www.ecfr.eu/article/commentary_why_ukraine_should_become_a_balkan_country
Homepage URL: http://ecfr.eu/
Keywords: Relations between Ukraine and the European Union - Berlin Process - Regional Cooperation Council | RCC - Central European Free Trade Agreement | CEFTA - Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative | RAI - South Eastern Europe Health Network | SEEHN - South Eastern Working Group for Regional and Rural Development | SWGRRD - Center for Public Employment Agency for Southeastern European Countries | CPESSEC - Regional Youth Cooperation Center | RYCO - South Eastern European Law Enforcement Center | SELEC - Center for Security Cooperation - RACVIAC - Education Reform Initiative for SEE - ERISEE - Regional School for Public Administration | RESPA - Regional Disaster Preparedness Center | DPPI - South Eastern European Center for Entrepreneurship Learning | SEECEL - Center of Excellent in Finance | CEF - Regional Environmental Center | REC
Subjects:  18.6.j - Balkan region / Black Sea region / S.E. Europe Region
Geographic Indicators:  Ukraine: External
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