2023 Annual Single Market Report: Single Market at 30

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The European Commission published on 31 January 2023 its annual Single Market Report, providing an update on single market integration and, in this occasion, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the European Union's Single Market.

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This edition of the Annual Single Market Report marks the 30 years anniversary of the Single Market of the European Union (EU). It takes stock of the integration of the Single Market over the last thirty years, highlighting the benefits and key achievements for citizens and businesses. It also discusses the Single Market from a longer-term perspective through the challenges that the EU is facing.

The report discusses the potential of novel approaches and partnerships, as well as collaborative tools, in improving trust among authorities and better working together in addressing persisting Single Market barriers and obstacles. It also touches upon the potential of digital technologies and user friendly e-government solutions in helping reduce the administrative burden for businesses and administrations.

The Annual Single Market Report was first published in 2021. The third edition was published by the European Commission on 31 January 2023, complementing the publication of the annual Single Market Scoreboard alongside it.

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  • https://single-market-economy.ec.europa.eu/system/files/2023-01/ASMR%202023.pdf
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