An EU Strategy on Standardisation. Setting global standards in support of a resilient, green and digital EU single market

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Communication published by the European Commission on 2 February 2022, outlining an approach to standards within the European Union's Single Market as well as globally.

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Standards are at the core of the EU Single Market. The European Standardisation System delivered more than 3,600 harmonised standards over a period of 30 years - allowing companies to demonstrate compliance with EU law - and many more European standards and technical specifications to promote inter-operability, the safety of EU citizens and protection of the environment. Standards created a level-playing field in the single market for businesses and increased consumer confidence.

The fast pace of innovation, the EU's green and digital ambitions and the implications of technological standards for the EU's set of values led to the need for an increasingly strategic approach to standardisation. Having a strong global footprint in standardisation activities and leading the work in key international fora was deemed essential for the EU to remain a global standard-setter. By setting global standards, the EU exports its values while providing EU companies with an important first-mover advantage.

This Standardisation Strategy proposes a set of actions aimed at putting standards back at the core of a resilient, green and digital EU single market and to strengthen the global role of the European Standardisation System. The actions fall under the following headlines:

  • Anticipate, prioritise and address standardisation needs in strategic areas;
  • Improve the governance and integrity of the European standardisation system;
  • Enhance European leadership in global standards;
  • Support innovation;
  • Enable the next generation of standardisation experts.

The Communication was published by the European Commission on 2 February 2022, alongside a proposal for amendments to the Standardisation Regulation, a report on its implementation, and the annual work programme for European standardisation. It was tabled in the framework of the EU's amended Industrial Strategy.

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