[Brexit and the Conservative Party]: Brexit: The Conservative Centre cannot hold

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Divisions within the UK Conservative Party as to the future relationship between the the United Kingdom and the European Union continued in August and September 2018 to affect the nature of the government's negotiations with the EU.

Despite Prime Minister Theresa May and some of her government ministers strongly arguing that for the terms of the agreement hammered out by her cabinet at Chequers on the 6 July 2018 (and formally outlined in a White Paper on the 12 July 2018) which outlined a detailed vision for a new EU-UK relationship after Britain's departure after March 2019, there was rising opposition to the agreement within key parts of the Conservative Party such as:

+ Party members in the constituencies
+ Key Leave figures such as Steve Baker, David Davies, Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees Mogg
+ Key Remain figures such as Justine Greening and Nick Boles.

To follow earlier developments during July 2018 see this ESO: In Focus: Conservative Party Brexit turmoil continues after resignation of Cabinet Ministers David Davis and Boris Johnson, July 2018.

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+ [Brexit Negotiations]: Programme: EU-UK Article 50 negotiations Brussels, 16-17 August 2018 / 21-22 August 2018 / 29-31 August 2018
+ [Brexit negotiations]: UK Prime Minister and Ministers make bilateral visits to EU Member States, July-August 2018
+ The Brexit White Paper on future relations and alternative proposals, August 2018
+ Technical Notices: Contingency Plans for a No deal Brexit. How to prepare if the UK leaves the EU with no deal, August-September 2018

Source Link http://fedtrust.co.uk/brexitthe-conservative-centre-cannot-hold/
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