Climate talks reach new global accord / Climate deal boost for carbon markets

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The Kyoto climate treaty was kept alive after negotiators at the United Nations climate change conference in Durban brought the talks back from the brink of collapse with a compromise deal to work towards a new global pact to reduce carbon emissions.

The nearly 200 nations at the Durban meeting agreed on the 11 December 2011 that the new arrangement ('Durban Platform for Enhanced Action') would be in place by 2015 and in force from 2020. Importantly, it is to include the world’s top emitters – China, the US and India.

EU officials described the deal as 'historic'. 'This is a great success for European diplomacy', said Chris Huhne, UK climate secretary. 'We’ve managed to bring the major emitters like the US, India and China into a road map which will secure an overarching global deal'.

Friends of the Earth Europe said 'The agreed 'Durban package' is nothing more than smoke and mirrors – an illusion of ambition with no real targets or timelines. In fact rich nations, including the European Union, must go home and recognise their historical responsibilities and urgently commit to higher ambitions. At least 40% emission reductions by 2020 without offsetting are necessary.'

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