Communication on ‘A strong Social Europe for just transitions’

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Publication Date 14/01/2020
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Communication published by the European Commission on 14 January 2020, setting out a road towards an Action Plan to implement the European Pillar of Social Rights (EPSR).

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The European Pillar of Social Rights sets out 20 key principles and rights essential for fair and well-functioning labour markets and welfare systems in the 21st century. This Communication presents a number of EU-level initiatives that aims at supporting the implementation of the EPSR and aims to launch a discussion with different stakeholders on the way forward, ahead of the publication of an Action Plan that is able to turn the rights and principles enshrined in the Pillar into reality.

Alongside this Communication, the European Commission also decided the launch the first citizen of a public consultation on the issue of fair minimum wages for workers in the European Union.

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