Communication on an Action Plan to enhance preparedness against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear security risks

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This Action Plan aims to increase the European cooperation to strengthen CBRN security with a focus on preventing, preparing for, and responding to CBRN threat and terrorism attacks. It builds on the work launched in the 2009 Action Plan and addresses the gaps identified following the review of its implementation, also taking into account emerging threats.

Actions set out in this Communication intend to support Member States to protect citizens and infrastructures. Many of the proposed actions pursue an all-hazards approach and also contribute to improving preparedness for any large scale CBRN incidents unconnected to terrorism. Those measures include: reducing the accessibility of CBRN materials; boost preparedness and response to security incidents; building stronger links with key international and regional partners; enhancing and exchanging knowledge of CBRN risks at EU level.

This Action Plan was set out in the context of the development of a Security Union and published as part of an anti-terrorism package.

The European Commission published on 18 October 2017 an Action Plan on stepping up the prevention, preparedness and response planning regarding any chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) threat.

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