Community cohesion at the local level: Addressing the needs of Muslim communities – Examples of local initiatives

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Publication Date March 2008
ISBN 978-92-9192-203-1
EC TK-80-07-121-EN-C
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The report brings together experiences from a number of cities across Europe. It focuses on fields such as education, employment and the provision of public services which all remain critical for the success of building cohesive communities.

This publication is aimed at policy makers and practitioners involved in addressing racism and discrimination or working in the field of equality, community cohesion and integration at the local level. In addition, it should be of value to those responsible for service delivery at the local level. The report cites examples of how mainstreaming non-discrimination can contribute to community cohesion and equality in a given community and shows that diversity and equality can reinforce each other within one community cohesion policy vision. Integration does not necessarily mean cohesion.

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