Competition Policy Newsletter | Number 2 (2009)

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Publication Date 2009
ISSN 1025-2266
EC KD-AB-09-002-3A-C
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  • State Aid and Competition Policy in the context of the financial crisis, by Phillip Lowe
  • The Simplification Package in State Aid: Notice on Simplified Procedure and Best Practices Code, by Elodie Clerc, Katarzyna Saryusz-Wolska, Maria Fernandez Molinero and Olivier Bergeau
  • The Commission notice on the enforcement of State aid by national courts, by Christof Lessenich and Thierry Beranger
  • EC Merger Regulation contributes to more efficient merger control in EU, by Claude Rakovsky, Manuel Godhino de Matos, Alexander Kopke, Peter Ohrlander and Paul Shiels
  • Regulation 1/2003: How has this landmark reform worked in practice?, by Ailsa Sinclair, Vita Jukneviciute and Ingrid Breit
  • Improving the effectiveness of competition agencies around the world – a summary of recent developments in the context of the International Competition Network, by András G. Inotai and Stephen Ryan


  • The RWE gas foreclosure case: Another energy network divestiture to address foreclosure concerns, by Oliver Koch, Károly Nagy, Ingrida Pucinskaite-Kubik and Walter Tretton
  • Predatory pricing in the telecoms sector: the ECJ rules on the issue of recoupment of losses, by Iratxe Gurpegui Ballesteros and Agnes Szarka
  • EC competition policy in the payments area: new developments in MIFs for cards and SEPA direct debit, by Dominique Forest and Dovile Vaigauskaite
  • The Velux case – an in-depth look at rebates and more, by Svend Albaek and Adina Claici
  • The judgements in the Nintendo case, by Augustijn Van Haasteren


  • The Marine Hoses cartel, by Maurits Pino Mergers 55 Mergers: main developments between 1 January and 30 April 2009, by John Gatti
  • Article 11(3) Decisions – the Commission’s Discretion. Analysis of the judgement of the Court of First Instance in case T-145/06 Omya v Commission, by John Gatti
  • Recent Commission Merger Control Decisions in the Pharmaceutical Sector: Sanofi-Aventis/Zentiva and Teva/Barr, by Sean Greenaway, Erika Jakab, Dag Johansson and Jasmin Kundan
  • The Joint Venture SonyBMG: final ruling by the European Court of Justice, by Johannes Luebking and Peter Ohrlander

State aid

  • State aid: main developments between 1st January and 30th April 2009, by Marta Gutkowska, Sophie Leviel and Koen Van de Casteele
  • The WestLB restructuring decision, by Marcel Magnus, Sabine Chrome, Anna Samsel, Martin Löffler and Max Lienemeyer
  • The Commerzbank recapitalisation decision: providing legal certainty in times of crisis and guidance for future restructuring, by Jörg Genner, Max Lienemeyer, Christoph Walkner

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