Croatia-Serbia border tensions escalate

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Relations between Croatia and Serbia were increasingly under strain in September 2015 due to the migrant and refugee crisis hitting the region.

Following Croatia's decision to close its border with Serbia to cargo traffic as it suffered from an influx of around 50,000 migrants coming for its neighbouring country, Serbian authorities reacted by applying the same limitations to Croatian trucks.

The situation escalated when Croatia then extended the ban to any Serbian vehicle and reportedly to citizens. The decision was met with anger by the Serbian foreign ministry on 24 September, comparing the measures to those taken by Croatia’s Nazi puppet state during World War II. Since then, Serbia started a ban on Croatian goods in retaliation to the initial ban which, according to Serbian authorities, was hitting the country's economy and violated the terms of the Association Agreement with the European Union.

Some analysts highlighted that the refugee crisis had brought back resentments dating from the conflicts hitting the Balkans in the 90s when Yugoslavia was dissolved.

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