Doing business with Malta (2003)

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Publication Date 2003
ISBN 0-7494-3993-9
ISSN 1478-8241
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This book is part of the Global Market Briefing series which provide a country-by-country information resource for international managers, analysts, entrepreneurs and consultants engaged in international business and market development. Malta's accession to the European Union will provide access to the entire EU market including its wide-ranging array of trade agreements with around one hundred countries world-wide.

The book is organised in five parts. Part one provides general background to the Maltese market. Part two looks at the economic sectors, including telecoms and IT, tourism which generates over €625 million annual turnover, shipping and freeport activities, agriculture, printing and furniture. Malta's financial sector is subjected to in-depth examination in part three which covers banking and financial services, the investment industry, insurance, monetary policy and other public policy topics relevant to Maltese finance. Part four explores the legal aspects of business in Malta and addresses such matters as corporate structures, taxation and auditing regulations, and the fiscal and other incentives offered to investors contemplating a business presence in the Maltese islands. Further detailed examination of related legal aspects of business in Malta are explored in part five which covers matters such as arbitration, intellectual property, work permits and trusts. Space is also given to Malta's small and medium enterprise sector.

The work will be useful to all those seeking to do business with Malta.

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