Draft 2019 annual budget

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Publication Date 2018
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The European Commission published on 23 May 2018 its Statement of Estimates for the financial year 2019, in preparation for the draft EU annual budget. The European Parliament approved its mandate for negotiations on 5 July. A preliminary position by the Council of the European Union was agreed on 11 July.

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The proposed budget amounts to €166 billion in commitments and €149 billion in payments. It is the sixth one under the existing Multiannual Financial Framework and operates within the limitations set therein.

The proposal is based on the premise that the United Kingdom, following its withdrawal as of 30 March 2019, continues to contribute to and participate in the implementation of EU budgets until the end of 2020 as if it were a Member State.

Source Link http://ec.europa.eu/budget/library/biblio/documents/2019/SoE2019%20with%20covers.pdf
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  • http://ec.europa.eu/budget/biblio/documents/2019/2019_en.cfm
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