Drivers of change of relevance for Europe’s environment and sustainability

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Series Details Number 25/2019
Publication Date 19/05/2020
ISBN 978‑92‑9480‑219‑4
ISSN 1977‑8449
EC TH‑AL‑20‑008‑EN‑N



This work has the overall objective of better understanding the changing global/European context and identifying drivers of change of potential relevance for Europe's environment and sustainability, by further developing the EEA's previous work, notably its assessments of global megatrends (EEA, 2010,2015d). In particular, it has the further ambition of including in the assessments a wider set of drivers of change that interact with global megatrends, such as more European‑specific trends, emerging trends and wild cards. Overall, it provides a 'rich picture' of the landscape of drivers of change that are likely to influence Europe in the decades to come, and it facilitates the analysis of potential implications for Europe, such as challenges and opportunities for meeting sustainability objectives.
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