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Publication Date 05/11/2018
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The East StratCom Task Force was set up by the European Union to address Russia's disinformation campaigns and it is based in the European External Action Service (EEAS). It develops communication products and campaigns focused on better explaining EU policies in the Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries and supports wider efforts aimed at strengthening the media environment in that region, in close collaboration with other stakeholders.

It also reports on and analyses disinformation trends, explains and corrects disinformation narratives, and raises awareness of disinformation.

Further information:

The creation of this team was a consequence of the conclusions adopted by the European Council in March 2015 on tackling disinformation from Russia, in which the EU's High Representative for foreign policy was asked to submit an Action Plan on strategic communication.

The team's main product to raise awareness of disinformation is the weekly Disinformation Review. The full record of the Task Force's work on disinformation is available on the website 'EUvsDisinfo'.

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