Enlarging the European Union: the way forward

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Publication Date 2000
ISBN 1-84014-488-2
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This book is based on a conference held at the University of Birmingham that brought together academics and practitioners to consider the challenges of enlargement of the EU and whether the 'way forward' is now clear. It is intended to make a contribution to the growing literature in the field by covering some areas that may be neglected in other books and by providing comprehensive and accessible surveys of a number of issues that have be extensively addressed in more specialist literature. The editors also aim to blend together the views of both practitioners and academics.

The book is divided into five main sections. The first, The challenge of enlargement: the view from Brussels, has two practitioner views, looking at enlargement from the perspective of the Commission and the European Parliament. The second, Pre-accession strategies, also has practitioner views on Poland and Bulgaria. Part three, Managing the costs of enlargement, contains chapters looking at the implications for the structural funds and for agriculture. The fourth part, Small states and the internal balance of the EU, examines the perspective of small states and institutional issues for small states. The fifth and final part, Beyond the next enlargement, contains chapters covering problems and challenges in the relationships between the EU and Turkey, the Ukraine and Russia. The editors' conclusion summarises the progress of the candidate countries, progress made, and considers what kind of a Union is envisaged in the future.

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