EU Exit Analysis: Cross Whitehall Briefing, January 2018

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Publication Date 08/03/2018
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The UK House of Commons Committee on Exiting the European Union published on the 8 March 2018 material from the documents provided by the Department for Exiting the EU to the Committee in January 2018 The material comprised the UK government’s assessment of the economic impact of Brexit. Subsequently, the information had been leaked by Buzzfeed at the end of January 2018.

The Committee agreed to publish the documents provided by the Department in full with the exception of a single annex highlighted by the Department as being sensitive to the ongoing EU-UK negotiations.

Committee Chair Hilary Benn MP said: 'The results of this analysis, undertaken by the Government with the aim of quantifying the potential impact of leaving the EU on the British economy, are already largely in the public domain in one form or another.

Allowing this information to be considered in its full context, rather than selectively quoted, will help properly to inform public debate about how the figures were arrived at and what the economic effects of Brexit might be.

The analysis suggests that there will be an adverse effect on the economy of the UK and all its regions, and that the degree of impact will depend on the outcome achieved in the negotiations'.

The pro-Brexit think tank Economists for Free Trade (EfFT) had issued a report in February 2018 called Alternative Brexit Economic Analysis (ABEA). This report flatly rejected Whitehall’s pessimism as expressed in the leaked report.

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