EU referendum: Labour Party: Labour MP John Mann to vote for Brexit / Sadiq Khan: Labour must do more for Remain vote / Labour warns of Brexit emergency budget

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Labour MP John Mann told the BBC on the 9 June 2016 that he would be voting to leave the European Union because of 'free movement of labour, immigration and empowerment'. Labour MP Dennis Skinner also confirmed that he too would vote for a Brexit.

However, the new London Mayor Sadiq Khan said that Labour needed to do more to encourage its supporters to vote to stay in the EU - or risk losing the referendum. This was a point also made by Labour Shadow Home Secretary Andy Burnham.

Senior Labour figures, Yvette Cooper and former leader Ed Miliband warned Labour voters on the 1o June 2016 that they would 'suffer the most' if the UK quit the European Union.

Khalid Mahmood, the MP for Birmingham Perry Barr, announce on the 11 June 2016 a change of heart tomorrow and would now vote to remain in the EU. He said the Vote Leave campaign's focus on immigration was the main reason for the switch.

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