Europe in the world in 2022: The transatlantic comeback?

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Publication Date January 2021
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2022 will likely be a turbulent year for the European Union.  As it continues to strengthen its freedom and capacity to act in foreign affairs, it must also adapt to profound structural changes within global geopolitics, such as the shifting nature of power,the return of strongman politics, growing involvement from non-state actors and the waning separation between domestic and external policies. Global trends like climate change, digitalisation, changing demographics, and a worldwide decline in democracy and freedom complicate matters further and will have a major influence on EU policymaking.

This first Outlook Paper, a new format launched the same year the EPC celebrates its 25th anniversary, serves a comprehensive overview of the main developments on the global stage in 2022, analyses and highlights how these will impact the EU’s role in the world and, finally, outlines what the EU and member states can do to hold their own and wield their power more effectively in an increasingly complex and hostile environment

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