[European elections 2014 in France: Results] As predicted, far-right leads with 25% of French vote

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According to the official results, Marine Le Pen's Front National won the 2014 European Parliament election in France with nearly 25% of the votes. It was the first time the party got the highest amount of votes in an election in France.

The centre-right UMP came second with just over 20% of the votes, while the ruling Socialist Party got 14% of the votes, in what was seen as a major defeat to President François Hollandes's party.

In the aftermath of the election results French President François Hollande called on the 26 May 2014 for the European Union to scale back its role in the lives of its citizens. The EU had become 'remote and incomprehensible' for many of its citizens, he said.

Thousands of students rallied across France on the 29 May 2014 to protest against the anti-immigration National Front party, whose historic success in the EU election they said threatened democracy.

Source Link http://www.euractiv.com/sections/eu-elections-2014/predicted-far-right-leads-25-french-vote-302377
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