European Social Progress Index

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Publication Date 2018
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The EU regional Social Progress Index aims to measure social progress for each region as a complement to traditional measures of economic progress. As it is intended to complement measures based on GDP, income or employment, it purposely leaves such indicators out of the index. It follows the overall framework of the global Social Progress Index and is based on fifty indicators, primarily from Eurostat.

Measuring social progress can inform the development strategies of EU regions. Note that this index is not created for the purpose of funding allocation and does not bind the European Commission.

The Index builds on feedback from public and experts in the field alike. The draft version was released in February 2016 for public review. Prior to this release, DG Regio and Social Progress Imperative co-hosted a committee meeting of experts in the field of wellbeing and social indicators, with representatives from OECD, Eurostat, Bertelsmann Stiftung, DG Employment, and a number of academic institutions. Feedback was collected from both of these activities and the final version of the Index addresses some of these issues.

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