Five Star Movement and Northern League reach an agreement to break political deadlock after Italian General election

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Following the Italian elections held in March 2018 and after a few rounds of inconclusive consultation throughout the month of April 2018, during the meeting held on 13 May 18, the two main parties, Five Star Movement and Northern League, have reached an agreement about the new government. The two parties will report back to President Sergio Mattarella on May 14.

On 16 May 2018, Huffington Post Italia published a document stating the proposal for a governmental programme by Five Star Movement and Northern League. They plan to ask the European Central Bank to forgive €250 billion of Italian debt, according to a draft of a coalition programme the parties are working on. The draft also calls for a renegotiation of Italy’s European Union budget contributions, an end to sanctions against Russia and plans to dismantle a 2011 pension reform that raised the retirement age.

On 21 May 2018, after days of further consultations, the two populist parties who had agreed a programme for a new Italian government proposed a law professor, Giuseppe Conte, as prime minister.

On 23 May 2018, Italian President Mattarella approved professor Conte as the new Prime Minister, giving him the mandate to form a government.

Background information:

The Italian general election held in March 2018 delivered a stalemate since there was no political party that won the majority of the votes. The two main voted parties have been the Five Star Movement and the Northern League (inside the centre-right wing coalition)

The deadlock led to inconclusive talks during the month of April. President Mattarella tried to find a way to solve the political issue; he has held few rounds of consultation and has given the exploratory mandate to senate speaker, first, and Deputies speaker, then, to act like a mediator to find common grounds between the winning parties to create a new government. None of these succeeded in breaking the impasse.

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