FYR Macedonia addresses naming dispute to relaunch EU and NATO bids

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FYR Macedonia was granted EU candidate status in 2005 but never started accession talks, mostly due to a name dispute with Greece and a lack of political willingness to pursue economic reforms. Because of the same dispute, Greece blocked FYR Macedonia's bid to become a member of the NATO alliance in 2008.

Greece considers the country's name represents a territorial claim over its northern province, also named Macedonia. Years of UN-mediated talks and pressure from the European Union achieved no progress. The dispute has been active ever since FYR Macedonia became an independent country.

FYR Macedonia's newly-formed government opened the door to new attempts at solving the issue. Prime Minister Zoran Zaev vowed to use the UN-recognised name 'FYROM' to secure the relaunch of the country's NATO bid, followed by fresh negotiations to permanently solve the dispute with Greece. The Greek government reportedly rejected the idea, but showed willingness to restart talks on the name dispute.

Macedonia government also showed the intention to improve the relations with neighbouring Bulgaria. Later, both countries signed a bilateral treaty with that aim.

The newly-formed government in FYR Macedonia vowed in June 2017 to relaunch the country's NATO membership bid and EU accession process, alongside speeding up the implementation of economic reforms. These guidelines had already been presented to the Parliament during the government's programme presentation on 30 May 2017.

In this framework, solving a dispute with Greece over the country's own name was seen as an essential step. Stakeholders argued there was a fresh momentum for an appropriate solution. Foreign minister from both countries held meetings in August and September 2017, after which it was stated that 'big steps' had been taken to solve the issue.

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