Hague presses for audit on EU law

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Article reported that William Hague, the United Kingdom Foreign Secretary (Foreign Minister), wanted to launch a comprehensive audit of the impact of European Union law on Britain in the summer of 2012, an exercise that could fuel a Conservative drive to repatriate powers from Brussels.

Many Conservatives want to go further and hope that a future Tory government will renegotiate a new membership deal with the EU – including the repatriation of powers from Brussels – and put the package to a referendum.

However, David Cameron’s coalition agreement with Nick Clegg’s pro-European Liberal Democrats would make it extremely unlikely that any moves be made before the planned 2015 general election.

Links also discuss the Fresh Start Project: 'Options for Change Green Paper: Renegotiating the UK's relationship with the EU' issued in July 2012.

On the 12 July 2012 the UK Government issued a Command Paper setting up a process to 'examine the balance of the EU’s existing competences'.

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