Informal European Council, Brussels, 12 February 2015

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In an informal meeting in Brussels on 12 February 2015, EU leaders discussed the EU's fight against terrorism in the wake of the attacks in Paris in January 2015. Member states needed to work closer together and cooperate even more actively to fight a common threat.

EU leaders agreed on a statement to guide the work of the EU and the member states in the coming months.

This statement focused on three areas of action:

+ ensuring the security of citizens
+ preventing radicalisation and safeguarding values
+ cooperating with international partners

There was also a discussion on how to strengthen economic coordination and the smooth functioning of the Economic Monetary Union - in particular, the situation in Greece.

Finally, leaders took stock of the latest developments in Ukraine, including the ceasefire agreement adopted earlier that day in discussions between the leaders of France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine in Minsk.

[For more information on the current issues relating to the situations in Ukraine and Greece see the ESO: Background information related hyperlinks above]

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