Inside the trade union family: The ‘two worlds’ within the European Trade Union Confederation

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Series Details Vol.24, No.2, June 2018, p179–192
Publication Date June 2018
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The enlargement of the EU in 2004 and 2007 to the post-communist states of Central and Eastern Europe brought an encounter between two distinct ‘trade union worlds’ in terms of attitudes towards European integration. Unions from the old EU Member States want to defend their existing national standards, while those from Central and Eastern Europe have nothing to defend and look for solutions at EU level. I ask whether it is possible for the European Trade Union Confederation to realize a trade union vision of ‘Social Europe’ based solely on the perspectives of the West.

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Czarzasty, Jan & Mrozowicki, Adam: Is a new paradigm needed? A commentary on the analysis by Sławomir Adamczyk [European Journal of Industrial Relations, Vol.24 No.2, June 2018, p193–199]

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