Kosovan parliamentary election, 6 October 2019

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Reports, analyses and information relating to the parliamentary election held in Kosovo in October 2019.

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The snap election was called in August 2019 by the President Hashim Thaci after members of Parliament voted to dissolve the chamber following the resignation of Kosovo's Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj. The election was scheduled to be held on 6 October. In Kosovo, 100 of the 120 seats are elected using open list proportional representation by all voters, with the remaining 20 seats reserved for national and ethnic minorities.

Preliminary results showed that the two main opposition parties - Vetevendosje (Self-determination) and Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) - had obtained the highest share of votes. Both parties had suggested ahead of the election that they would be willing to form a coalition to remove the Democratic Party of Kosovo (DPK) from office after 12 years in power. The final results finally showed a slim parliamentary majority for a coalition between those parties. Even so, their political leaders vowed to bring elements from the minorities into the government.

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