Macron becomes president of France after handover with Hollande

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Emmanual Macron formally became the President of France on the 14 May 2017 follwing a handover of power from the outgoing François Hollande. This followed the victory of Mr Macron in the second round of the French Presidential Election held on the 7 May 2017.

While the new President in his inauguration speech vowed to restore the country's self-confidence, commentators noted the challenges he faced including:

+ to reunite France
+ to break the traditional right-left split in French politics
+ Distrust in politicians
+ Unemployment
+ Terrorism
+ EU reform

President Macron was expected to name his prime minister on the 15 May 2017 and other members of his government the following day. He was also due to make a symbolically important visit to meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel - his first overseas trip as President - on the 15 May 2017.

There was also the matter of the forthcoming French legislative elections in June 2017 to consider

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