Media reports on industrial collusion between German carmakers

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The existence of secret meetings between employees of different car firms was reportedly to the knowledge of the European Union since it investigated evidence in the context of the Dieselgate case. Media sources indicated that the European Commission had already started analysing further elements in this case of potential industrial collusion and called in the first witnesses.

Germany's government highlighted the need for further investigation, while the automobile industry dismissed the claims as speculation.

The report published by Der Spiegel points out that five German car firms started holding meetings in the 1990s to coordinate activities relating to their vehicle technology, costs, suppliers and strategy as well as emissions controls in diesel engines. The discussions allegedly involved more than 200 employees in 60 working groups. Talks may have also involved the size of tanks for AdBlue fluid for diesel autos which is at the heart of the emissions case.

Media sources reflected in July 2017 on allegations that five of Germany's car firms were engaged in a massive case of industrial collusion since the 1990s, by holding secret meetings where they agreed on technologies, costs, suppliers and even how to work on emissions from diesel engines.

Subsequently, politicians and representatives of the German automotive industry convened on the 2 August 2017 for a Diesel Summit on the future of diesel cars. German carmakers that manipulated the emissions data of their diesel cars agreed to update the software in five million vehicles. Consumer protection agencies in particular criticised the measure, saying it did not go far enough. Europe's press also concluded that the summit failed to produce a viable model for the car industry of the future.

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