NATO for a new century. Atlanticism and European security

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Publication Date 2002
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This work arises from papers presented at the Annual Conferences of the Committee on Atlantic Studies in Paris, France and Kelowna, British Columbia in 1999 and 2000. It presents insights into the changed role and character of NATO and offers signposts as to its future direction and strategy.

Chapter one explores NATO's response to the rising tide of humanitarian principles as an influence in world affairs and cites NATO involvement in the Balkans. Chapter two examines the expansion of NATO following the collapse of the Soviet empire and relates it to previous theories on alliances and war causation. Further discussion of the East-West conflict and the new challenges presented by the 'westernisation' of eastern Europe continues in chapter three, which explores the 'politics of responsibility' and the influence it might bring on the conduct of the NATO alliance. This strengthening of the European element within NATO and the need to develop a NATO-EU Security Regime are the focus of chapter four. The book returns to humanitarian principles in chapter five which explores the predicaments of armed humanitarian intervention and the ethical dilemmas arising therefrom. Chapter six examines the alliance's involvement in the Balkans and the predominant US pressure for such action 'out of area', and considers the impact this has had on the east-west expansion strategy for NATO. The strains placed upon NATO unity by differing approaches to missile defences designed to meet the growing global threat of weapons of mass destruction are explored in chapter seven. The debate surrounding NATO's deterrent stance in the new era of no-superpower confrontation is examined in chapter eight.

The work closes with a piece by the editor who looks at the changing role of NATO as an organisation and the changing roles of the individual nation states as players in that organisation.

The work will interest scholars and students of International Relations, Defence Studies, Political Sciences and European Studies.

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