Panorama Magazine | Number 70 (Autumn 2019)

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Publication Date Autumn 2019
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Smart moves boost Danish business


This issue of Panorama magazine features a set of developments revealed at the annual European Week of Regions and Cities. It outlines the main findings of both the Regional Competitiveness Index and the Eurobarometer survey on the public's awareness and appreciation of regional policy. It also profiles all the finalists, and reveal the winners, of the annual Regiostars awards for the most innovative EU-funded projects.

The main focus is on Denmark, which launched a new Danish Executive Board for Business Development and Growth to handle cohesion funds. The Board's Vice-Director explains what the changes mean. A number of successful Danish projects are also profiled.

The issue also features a report from the 8th Evaluation conference and another on the key results from the EU Solidarity Fund's work over the past 15 years. There is an update on negotiations for the EU budget for the period 2021-2027, and also a report on how Portugal conducted assessment and adjustment of its smart specialisation strategy.

The In Your Own Words section features a contribution from Lower Saxony, and also hears from younger people via their experiences in the Youth4Regions media programme. The projects section visits Italy, Spain and Central Europe.


  • Editorial: Johannes Hahn, Temporary Commissioner for Regional Policy, outlines the future promised by the new commission
  • Regional competitiveness index: The fourth edition presents key findings on EU economic growth
  • Eurobarometer: Latest figures reveal the general public's awareness and appreciation of EU regional policy
  • Regiostars: Profiles of finalists and winners of 2019 awards for innovative projects across the EU
  • Regional development and cohesion policy after 2020: Update on the multiannual financial framework negotiations
  • Financial instruments: Set to play an increasingly important role in the next funding period
  • Denmark: A closer look at Denmark, it's successful projects, and reforms to its business support system
  • Strengthening smart specialisation in Portugal: Portugal is evaluating its strategy and reaching out to entrepreneurs
  • Charting a course forward for urban Europe: Ana Lisa Boni on the Bucharest declaration and the future urban agenda
  • YOUTH4REGIONS: Two young journalists on projects supporting urban agriculture and social inclusion through music
  • Date Point: The latest figures on how cohesion policy investments are performing
  • Investing in our shared future: A report from the 8th conference on the evaluation of cohesion policy
  • EU solidarity fund 2002-2017: How the solidarity fund has helped regions recover from floods, fires and natural disasters
  • Road trip project 2: In the second edition, eight young people cross the continent on a voyage of discovery
  • In your own words: ESF funds are supporting 'Social Innovation' projects in Lower Saxony
  • News in Brief
  • Projects: Profiles of successful projects from Italy, Spain, and Central Europe.
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