Political leaders across Europe prepare for 2019 European Parliament elections

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Reports and analyses published in early 2019 as political leaders and parties in the European Union gear up for the European Parliament elections, scheduled to be held on 23-36 May.

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Much of the media and commentary features have focused on the meetings and attempts developed by populist and far-right political leaders to gather momentum ahead of the elections. The political cleavage on migration became salient as conservative and far-right leaders from Italy, Hungary and Poland sought to coordinate their narrative of 'closed doors' before the start of the official political campaign, as opposed to an 'open doors' approach led by France and Germany.

France's National Rally leader Marine Le Pen launched the party's campaign on 11 January 2019, urging the 'Yellow Vest' movement to turn the European election into a referendum on government policies. In Germany, the AfD party held a national meeting on the same day, in which a proposal to campaign for EU exit was approved unless their demands for reform are met.

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