Proposal for a Regulation on certain aspects of aviation safety with regard to the end of the transition period mentioned in the UK Withdrawal Agreement

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Series Details COM (2020) 828
Publication Date 10/12/2020
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Legislative initiative tabled by the European Commission on 10 December 2020, introducing a number of measures relating to aviation safety for the potential absence of an agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom on their future relationship.

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The withdrawal of the UK from the EU was made effective on 1 February 2020, framed by a Withdrawal Agreement which allowed for an orderly departure. This agreement also introduced a transition period lasting until 31 December 2020.

The absence of an agreement setting out the framework of bilateral relations thereafter would affect aviation safety, in particular the validity of certificates and licenses issued by the EASA on behalf on the United Kingdom, or by certain design organisations based in the UK. This proposal ensures that various safety certificates for products can continue to be used in EU aircraft without disruption, thereby avoiding the grounding of aircraft.

The draft law was put forward on 10 December 2020 as part of a set of contingency measures tabled by the European Commission.

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