Report on progress in Romania under the cooperation and verification mechanism

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On 13 November 2018 the European Commission presented its annual report on Romania's progress under the cooperation and verification mechanism.

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In January 2017 the Commission undertook a comprehensive assessment of the progress made by Romania over the ten years since the establishment of the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) in 2007. On the basis of this longer term perspective and the significant progress made, the Commission outlined twelve key recommendations that, if followed up, would end the CVM process.

In its November 2017 report, the Commission noted progress on a number of the recommendations set out in the January 2017 report. While progress in meeting some recommendations was advancing well, the reform momentum in the course of 2017 was lost overall, slowing down the fulfilment of the remaining recommendations, and with the risk of re-opening issues which the January 2017 report had considered as fulfilled.

This report takes stock of the situation since November 2017. A series of steps by Romania since January 2017 have required the Commission to look again at the basis for its overall assessment. Therefore, in addition to assessing progress on the recommendations, this report also sets out where developments have reversed the course of progress on issues which the Commission previously considered positively.

As a result, the twelve recommendations of the January 2017 report are no longer sufficient to close the CVM and to this end additional recommendations are set out in this report.

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