Research* EU Magazine | Number 17 (November 2012)

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Publication Date November 2012
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Power up! The Future of Energy


The focus of this issue of Research*EU results magazine is ‘Power-up! The future of energy!’ In this edition we interview Dimitrios Mendrinos of the Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving in Greece. As programme coordinator of the Ground-Med project, he is working on the development of a ‘ground-source heat pump’ to harness renewable energy from the natural heat source found in subterranean rocks. We also interview Professor Liisa Viikari on second-generation biofuels.

The ‘energy and transport’ section continues with other examples of research into greener engines, novel energy sources and new, more efficient production techniques. These ‘specials’ start with ‘Eco-engine systems for ships’, while others can be found in the ‘industrial technologies’ section.

The ‘biology and medicine’ section opens with an article entitled ‘New light on genetics of autism’, while the feature article in the ‘environment and society’ section is ‘Modelling land surface and atmosphere interactions’ .

The ‘IT and telecommunications’ section, which sheds light on cloud computing and what the future Internet will look like, starts , while the ‘industrial technologies’ section begins with ‘Metal-mediated polymerisation for smart materials’.


Climate Change and Environment

  • ERC Stories - Optimised crowd and traffic management: QED!
  • Better models of turbulence to improve weather forecasting
  • Real-time monitoring of exhaust gases
  • Modelling land surface and atmosphere interactions
  • Grass ancestor reveals family history
  • Soil aids environment friendly pest management
  • Migrants boosting labour markets and transferring knowledge
  • Protecting the origins of biodiversity
  • Humane slaughter of farmed fish
  • The wonders of soil microorganisms
  • Recycling of optical fibre cables
  • On the tracks of mercury pollution
  • Eco-engine systems for ships
  • Bioremediation to alleviate surface water pollution

Digital Economy

  • Feature Stories - Ahead in the cloud
  • Feature Stories - Web-TV: a perfect match?
  • Feature Stories - A network to guide the future of computing
  • Feature Stories - Handy technologies for dextrous robots
  • Uplifting aircraft power systems
  • Low-cost, in-flight satellite communication system
  • Enhancing virtual engineering
  • Introducing another dependence receptor – Notch3
  • Improved image analysis for MRI
  • Fisherman's atlas
  • A virtual platform for studying infectious diseases

Industrial Technologies

  • Protective coatings for light-weight metallic components
  • Toward mass production of superconducting tapes
  • Hydrogen fuel cell-based generator for the home
  • Textile production comes clean
  • Metal-mediated polymerisation for smart materials
  • Novel noise reduction concepts for aircraft
  • Improving plastics production
  • Integrating multiple functions in aerospace structures
  • Towards more efficient bioethanol production
  • Optoelectronics based on novel molecular combinations
  • Advances in mathematical group theories
  • Lead-free solutions for electronics industry
  • Microwave radiation for resin polymerisation


  • The role of oestrogens in ageing
  • Tannins in animal feed
  • Revitalisation of neurons after damage
  • Genetic link to stroke
  • Coatings for a positive response to implants
  • New light on genetics of autism
  • Dendritic cells to the rescue
  • Optimised viral-free gene therapy


  • Hydrogen in conventional combustion engines
  • Synergy of wastewater and biomass technologies
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