Research*EU Magazine | Number 19 (February 2013)

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Publication Date February 2013
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Biodiversity: supporting vital ecosystems


The focus of this issue of Research*EU results magazine is therefore ‘Biodiversity: supporting vital ecosystems’. In this edition we interview Dr Elke Schüttler of the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research in Germany, whose research on finding common ground between an endangered species, the kodkod cat of Chile, and its human neighbours could — if successful — be a very practical response to some of the dilemmas concerning sustainability and biodiversity.

The ‘environment and society’ section continues with other examples of biodiversity-related research. These ‘specials’ start with ‘Scientists put spotlight on marine biodiversity in Europe’.

The ‘biology and medicine’ section opens with an article entitled ‘Giving stroke patients new reason for hope’, while the feature article in the ‘energy and transport’ section hints at how to ‘Reduce energy consumption by 30 % through ICT’. The ‘IT and telecommunications’ section begins with the Star-Trek-inspired ‘Beam me to my meeting!’.

Finally, the ‘industrial technologies’ section starts with ‘Employing virtual reality technology to revolutionise manual work’. The issue ends, as usual, with a list of events and upcoming conferences.



  • RTD Success Stories - Giving stroke patients new reason for hope
  • Therapy for Friedreich's ataxia
  • The roadmap of immune suppression
  • Glucose stimulation for insulin movement
  • Targeting colon cancer cells
  • Untangling the causes of colony collapse disorder
  • A novel way for inferring DNA-protein binding
  • Novel reconstruction techniques for studying the brain
  • Space radiation protection
  • Innovatively treating leukodystrophy

Industrial Technologies

  • Debugging poultry in Europe
  • Atomic clocks prepare for the field and for space
  • High-strength plastics using novel reinforcement
  • Smarter ways to work in Europe
  • Customised manufacturing on the horizon
  • Automated polishing of machine tools
  • Nano-structured bismuth for high added value
  • Animal waste transformed into plastics
  • A micro-sized robot wins the race
  • New sensor technology to enable future space exploration missions and on-orbit satellite servicing
  • 'First time right' parts manufacturing

Digital Economy

  • Feature Stories - Beam me to my meeting!
  • Feature Stories - Toward the 'Future Internet', experiment by experiment
  • Feature Stories - Putting accessibility at the heart of e-government
  • Feature Stories - A low-cost, finger-nail sized radar
  • Feature Stories - Business success: knowing the rules and making them work
  • Linking Earth Observation networks in Africa
  • Integrated high-resolution urban mapping system
  • Technology to detect nuclear exposure
  • Fast and precise microsystem manufacturing


  • New and improved nuclear reactor prototype
  • Keeping Europe's economy moving
  • Novel laser technology for nuclear medicine
  • Simulating black hole phenomena

Climate Change and Environment

  • Strategies for improved and sustainable tree breeding
  • Faster and ‘greener’ spacecraft
  • An observation network to protect biodiversity
  • Biodiversity: Bridging the science and policy gap
  • Environment-friendly hi-tech fashion
  • Opening up possibilities for closed cages
  • Climate change affects tree growth and productivity
  • Better connections for EU transport
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