Research*EU Magazine | Number 22 (May 2013)

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Publication Date May 2013
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Rare diseases and genetic disorders under the microscope


This issue of Research*EU results magazine puts ‘Rare diseases and genetic disorders under the microscope’ by showcasing the latest findings from EU-funded projects in the regular ‘biology and medicine’ section. We interviewed Dr Gloria González, principal researcher in the AIPGENE project which is looking into a new treatment for Acute intermittent porphyria (AIP), as well as Dr Charles Redwood from the University of Oxford who coordinated the BIG-HEART project. The latter looks into hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, one of the main causes of death among athletes. Following ‘biology and medicine’, the ‘social sciences and humanities’ section opens  with ‘Enriching European humanities’.

The ‘energy and transport’ section starts with ‘The road to greener SME involvement’, followed by the ‘environment’ section which kicks off with ‘Infrastructure recycling hits the road’. ‘IT and telecommunications’ begins with ‘Advanced radio technologies for fairer 4G communications’, followed by the ‘industrial technologies’ section with a story entitled ‘Researchers help develop next-generation bio-plastic materials’.

Finally, ‘space’ reveals how the EU is on track for ‘Advancing engine technologies for space exploration’.


Climate Change and Environment

  • Examining European cultural encounters
  • RTD Success Stories - The business of war?
  • New scenarios on the future of Earth's climate
  • Solar sails make space environment safer
  • Protecting stone fruit trees against Sharka disease
  • Green defences against noise
  • Forests: a renewable resource for everyday materials
  • Safer roads on the horizon
  • Infrastructure recycling hits the road
  • Protection against stormy space weather
  • Innovative solutions for environmental decontamination
  • Treating wood wisely
  • Promoting public participation in wildlife matters
  • The road to greater SME involvement

Industrial Technologies

  • The complex challenges of migration
  • End-to-end flight for planetary exploration missions
  • Forecasting space weather
  • Nanosensors for improved safety and quality in milk
  • Charting the scientific route to manned Mars missions
  • Biodegradable and compostable foamed packaging from renewable resources

Transport and Mobility

  • Auto-assessment of vehicle composites

Digital Economy

  • Fuel cell technology to help power the world to a greener future
  • Underwater gliders monitor the Arctic
  • Feature Stories -Advanced radio technologies for fairer 4G communications
  • Satnav innovation benefits Europe
  • Feature Stories - Make light work for medicine
  • Innovative methodology to help cities improve accessibility of public transport
  • Feature Stories -Advancing research collaboration with GÉANT's high-speed infrastructure
  • New tool for management decision-making
  • Ephemerides updated with old observations
  • Understanding culture in crisis behaviour
  • Establishing the basis for intelligent transport systems


  • A new approach to stem cell sorting
  • Improved diagnosis of paediatric mental retardation
  • Micro-imaging, analysis and machining in one device
  • A united front to tackle rare diseases
  • Single molecule important in many brain diseases
  • Unravelling the pathophysiology of Addison's disease
  • A boost for Czech research in communications
  • Europe blazes a trail in laser technology
  • A new emergency vaccine against classical swine fever


  • A big heart can be deadly – any solutions?
  • Industrial crops to bloom in Europe
  • Natural gas-burning diesel engines for marine fleets
  • Engineering solar cells for superior efficiency
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