Research*EU Magazine | Number 23 (June 2013)

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Series Details Number 23
Publication Date June 2013
ISSN 1977-4082
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Preparing for the advent of smart cities


This issue of Research*EU magazine is 'Preparing for the advent of smart cities' by showcasing related research and recent achievements across all sections of the magazine except 'space'. We interviewed Dr Arne Skou, project coordinator of the ENCOURAGE project which aims to enable the creation of smart energy grids in Europe, as well as Marcel Bijlsma from Novay, who coordinated the SUNSET project to provide European citizens with the ultimate travel app for theirĀ  mobile devices.


Digital Economy

  • Feature Stories -Managing diabetes with data and ingenuity
  • Improving urban logistics and environments
  • Extending the Internet out in space
  • Electromagnetic radiation exposure risks from wireless devices and networks
  • Robust and durable networks for space data
  • Security services from satellites
  • Optimising emergency communication and localisation systems


  • Targeting hypoxia to cure cancer
  • Next-generation medicines
  • Gene therapy for retinal disorders
  • Healthy help for adolescents who overeat
  • Reducing pain during infancy
  • The shoe fits for diabetes sufferers


  • A change of attitudes in Europe


  • Navigating the future of non-food crops
  • Hydrogen helps cut emissions from buildings
  • A business model for European fuel cell vehicles

Climate Change and Environment

  • Stressing bacteria for pollution treatment
  • Recycling construction materials
  • Safe, secure sea-cage aquaculture
  • Helping drivers drive more safely

Industrial Technologies

  • Solid lubricants for space gear
  • Virtual humans reduce industry costs
  • Quieter jet engines get ready to take off
  • Better heat shields for dangerous phenomena
  • Quieter railways are on track
  • A new era in bridge building
  • Governing urban shrinkage in Europe's large cities
  • Switch-and-drive batteries eliminate recharging
  • Transportation information service
  • From the nano to the industrial scale
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